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Hi! I'm Mario, a lover of motivation. A Fashion Over Power guy.

I am alive and well. My name is Mario Ricketts and I am like the great super Mario. I am the founder and designer of Fashion Over Power.  How did Fashion Over Power begin? It started out as a simple idea, basically, it was derived from a strategy that I have created mainly because I failed miserably at everything. No matter what I did and no matter how hard I worked it wasn't recognized by anyone. I was always at the end of the line. They have robbed everything from me. I have fallen so many times that it became so easy to get up and start over, but this time I was going to make a difference. I was going to rely on myself to make it work. I told myself I was going to defy all odds with Fashion Over Power. I wasn't going to stop until my strategy was complete. I love the simplicity of fashion and how powerful it is. It speaks for itself. It is art in its finest creation. I also love music, singing, writing, and poetry. 

There are so many things in life that we struggle with and sometimes it is so hard to achieve something that you set out to do. I am a victim of that too. Like who isn't? We all have our problems but we still overcome, and fashion over power makes a strong statement. You can support me by liking my fashion overpower Facebook page and follow me on Twitter by simply pressing the icons below.

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